Content and Language Feasibility Analysis of History Islamic Culture’s Book at Grade VII Madrasah Tsanawiyah

  • Zetira Ahmad STAI Raudhatul Akmal Batang Kuis
Keywords: Textbook, Feasibility Criteria of a Book, Content and Language


Textbook is one of the medium of instruction for all learners.World Education in Indonesia is very attentive to the perfection of a textbook. They are the feasibility of content, language, presentation, and graphic.Textbook is always used as a source or the main reference in retrieval of information and knowledge. Because of that, feasibility of a textbook is one of the important things that should be concerned. In reality there are terms problems related content and language of a text book in the teaching problem. The existing reality in the world of education, it turns out that text book still have problems related material of the content and the use of language itself.There are a number of terms problems related to the content and language of a text book that must be revised.   So, this study is hoped to add teachers and learners’ knowledge in knowing the feasibilities criteria of a textbook that can be a source of education. It can be a reference in the selection of the next textbook that comply with the feasibility criteria and can be used for teaching learning process at a school


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